Welcome to Ghana Ba African Beads Gallery!


I use a variety of beads in my designs, including recycled glass beads, clay, trade beads, bone, krobo beads from the Eastern Region of Ghana, agate from Nigeria, shells, disk beads from northern Ghana, seeds, and more.


What makes Ghana Ba African Beads Gallery different is that I donate a generous portion of the profits to education projects in Ghana. Read more about the projects I support:




Besease Village School
Children in this village had to walk more than an hour to the nearest school, and they had to cross a fairly busy road. Thus, Koryε Dance Theatre has worked since 2010 to raise funds for this village school. Sammy, a village resident and former teacher, began training the kids who were too small to make the long trek to the government school. Beginning with a small amount of donations from U.S. teachers, supplies were purchased and the teacher’s salary was paid to reopen the school in July 2010. There are now 200+ students attending school in a six-room school building. My brother returns to the school each month to pay the teacher’s salary, bring additional school and teaching supplies, observe the classroom and teacher, and discuss the progress and future needs with the village elders. Watch a video about the school on the "about me" page.


Koryε Dance Theatre
Koryε Dance Theatre is a dynamic and exciting percussion and dance ensemble based in  Cape Coast, Ghana. “Koryε” can be translated into “Unity” in English. The group was created as an arm of the NGO Sympathy Youth Foundation, offering training and support to the youth of the Cape Coast region, empowering them to get educated and pursue their dreams. The venture set out to provide a vehicle for young men and women to train in traditional dance and drumming, while allowing funds earned through performances to further their studies and assist with the growth and support of the Foundation and its various programs. We pay school fees ranging from $25 to $500 per semester for some of the members & their kids.

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